Photography and us


To photograph means to capture the moment and preserve its memory forever.
It’s not about perfectly staged scenes.
Instead, it’s about seizing spontaneity, faces and poses of people at their most natural states.
It’s about exposing true and raw emotions.

This is what we specialize in at Wedding Photographers.
Why weddings? We think that the act of two people vowing to love each other for the rest of their lives is the most special moment.
It is surely a day worth remembering.





Our most utmost goal is to strengthen your memories with photographs. Not only that – we also want to create the most beautiful souvenirs for you to cherish in years to come. Our wedding photography style is rooted in striving for authenticity. We want to show the REAL you and tell the story of your wedding as it happened. We will do our best to seize all these tiniest moments that make such days the most special in one’s life. Long story short – we want to bring out the essence of your wedding party. Happiness, affection, emotion, love, warmth – you will see all these in our photographs.

The priority is for you to enjoy this remarkable day. Therefore, we will only give you tips and suggestions. It’s entirely up to you how you’ll use them. Additionally, what we consider the most important thing – you won’t spend the whole day posing!




Have a look at our gallery to see a full range of our wedding packages. We are sure you’ll find the right one!

We are stationed in Kilkenny, but are able to reach you in Wicklow, Carlow, Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Offaly,
Louth, Wexford, Waterford, Limerick, Kerry, Clark, Cork and Galway as well as in the entire Ireland.
Upon your request, we are also available to travel to Spain or Italy.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, whether with wedding photography related matters or if you simply have a photographic query.
We will always do our best for you!

Engagement Photos by wedding photographer
Chris Dolinny.

Why should you have your engagement photo session photographed?



The day of engagement might take a myriad of forms.
You might fly to some exotic location and ask
THE QUESTION on the beach when the sun sets.
You can also take your soon-to-be bride for a romantic dinner date.
Or if you’re brave enough, you can arrange
a balloon flight to take your significant other even closer to cloud nine!
Every option is great as long as there’s
love – the only limit is your imagination!


Apart from expressing love in the most beautiful way,
engagement day is also a great opportunity to get to
know your wedding photographer.
It can be easily overlooked, but a wedding photographer
is the one who will create a lasting memory of that special day.
The wedding photographer will also spend
an entire day shooting pictures of you and your guests.
Therefore it’s important that you know exactly
what you can expect and that you feel comfortable in front of a camera.
After all it’s not everyday that you have a professional photo session!



It is crucial that you and your wedding photographer click in.
Having him shoot your engagement is the best way to ensure that.
Creating a relationship with your photographer translates
to a more personal touch to your wedding pictures.
Additionally, you will receive a nice bunch of lovely
engagement pictures to accompany your personal memories of this beautiful day.


There is one more reason why I think it’s worth to have your
engagement photographed.
I find engagement pictures much different than the ones I take at weddings.
There is much more intimacy between the lovers and you can really notice all the little details, hand gestures, smiles and poses.
Fiance and fiancee can be at their most natural,
without the dresses and suits, fancy dinners and guests.

However, most of all, engagement photography is a snapshot of being in love.
While weddings are about entering a new chapter of one’s life,
engagement pictures showcase and celebrate the journey
a couple went through – a journey of love and commitment.



At Dolinny Photography I focus on the natural feeling coming from the pictures.
I do not force anything, I refrain from posed shots.
Instead I do my best to capture the feelings,
emotions and the tiny fleeting moments.

Dolinny Photography are based in Kilkenny, Ireland,
but upon request can immortalize your most cherished moments
all around Ireland and all around Europe and World
including all famous places as Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Bali, Dubai, and more. You name it, I will be there for you.