Wedding photographer Dublin City Hall wedding pictures

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Minimalism is the latest lifestyle trend, which actually makes a lot of sense. It’s all about limiting your possessions to include only the essentials. Going minimal allows people to shift their focus from accumulating possessions to the most important things – relationships with other people!

Minimalism can also be applied to your wedding – because why not?!

Remember the pictures from your grandparents’ weddings? They usually included more than 100 people, all dressed to the nines, traditional dishes on the table and traditional activities. By no means am I trying to say that this is a bad thing! However, you might want to consider stripping your wedding to its very essentials – the people with whom you want to spend this special day!

Wedding photographer Dublin City Hall wedding pictures


Limousines, a band, flowers, fancy food – do you really need all of that? Keep in mind that memories are made by surrounding yourself not with expensive stuff, but with the right people. And when you actually take away all these fancy things you are actually left with a tabula rasa and a group of people that mean a world to you. In that way you can do whatever you want for your wedding reception!

What does it mean for your wedding photographer though? A minimal approach to your wedding means that there will be more opportunities to actually focus the lens on the most important person – you!

Let yourself be in the middle of attention! It’s your day and the photographer knows it perfectly. Believe me – ditching all the bells and whistles will make you shine so much brighter in the pictures. That will make your memories a lot more vivid when you revisit your wedding album in 15, 20 or even 30 years. No one will remember the car you drove to the reception or how many courses the dinner had. Instead, what they will have in mind will be the image of you and the other guests having an amazing time!

Long story short – ditch all the unnecessary things. Give your photographer a chance to take pictures of the people – you and your guests. Make your memories shine through the photographies and focus on the people, not the fancy stuff. By stripping down your wedding, your photographer will be able to capture the very essentials of what makes you you!
Wedding photographer Dublin City Hall wedding pictures